Resource Management


The business area „Resource Management“ (Water and Geothermal Energy) is focused on the investigation of regional availability of water resources and a thereon coupled resource on geothermal energy and its usability. For all customers JR-AquaConSol GmbH is able to describe the processes of water flow in river catchments, in karst and fissured rocks as well as in porous aquifers, and to investigate structure and spatial distribution of hydrogeological properties of such systems. This enables customers to elaborate measures for a sustainable water management.

Target groups based on regional demands are essentially

  • in the area of public administration (planning departments for water management and for water protection of federal provinces and the ministry of agriculture, forestry, environment and water management) for elaborating large-scale studies and models
  • large and supra-regionally operating water suppliers for provision and protection of drinking water resources under different hydrological boundary conditions
  • in particular for regional and supra-regional energy providers the usage of geothermal resources from shallow aquifers, from derivations from tunnels and from deep groundwater will become increasingly significant
  • commercial enterprises (industries with process water demands) and providers of infrastructure (e.g. OeBB when using geothermal energy to supply railway stations) if they want to use water and geothermal resources, will become increasingly customers of this business area.