MonitoringTo solve complex problems adequate experimental data are necessary, which usually are not available in the respective specificity. For acquisition of representative data specific measurement systems should support adequately to solve the problem. This requires comprehensive knowledge for planning, construction and operation of tailor-made monitoring devices. This will be offered to the customers by JR-AquaConSol GmbH based on sound project experiences.

To include processes at the interface between atmosphere and soil as well as in the unsaturated zone above groundwater for assessment of effects of landuse activities on groundwater quantity and –quality, precision lysimeters were developed. They are unique in Europe and will be used in a modified form globally as “quasi”-standard in lysimetry.

Specific sampling systems (a proprietary development for depth-oriented sampling in the unsaturated top layer and in groundwater) and our high expertise in the growing field of online sensor technology are competitive advantages of JR-AquaConSol GmbH.

While data acquisition from discharge measurements of streams and springs is often standard, the implementation of measurement systems to record the total runoff is a challenging task in experimental hydrology. This requires a comprehensive process understanding and technological know-how, both are significant competencies of JR-AquaConSol GmbH

For the investigation of karst springs for drinking water exploitation and of effects of precipitation events in complex catchments on water quality, early-warning systems coupled with measurement systems for event-related sampling were developed. These systems combine online sensor technology with automatic samplers for hydrochemical, isotope-chemical and microbiological analytics. Particularly in mountainous areas which are often difficult to access, innovative solutions for data acquisition and transmission (e.g. via satellite or GSM) as well for data management become increasingly important.

Moreover we offer a cartridge deposition sampler (patented in 2015) as acquisition system for atmospheric nitrogen input to land surface. This system collects the input load via adsorption resins within a selectable period. The concentration will be measured thereafter in the laboratory using isotope dilution.