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The Agro-Lysimeter visualizes the availability of water and fertilizer and measures precipitation, evapotranspiration, and leachate. Do you need to know where and when water and fertilizer are available for plant use? Or when fertilizers leach into the groundwater? These are just two fundamental questions required for sustainable agriculture—questions that can be answered by the Agro-Lysimeter.

  • Field-identical measurements for sustainable agriculture
  • Field-identical temperature regime in the lysimeter
  • Field-identical water regime


Water balance and matric potential, offering information about water availability and water stress, are measured within a defined volume in the depths of the main root zone. Water content and matric potential are also measured beneath the main root  distribution zone—to give early warning of over-fertilization and over-irrigation The amount and composition of leachate is gained under field-identical conditions and stored in the cool service well You receive highly accurate and precise data of precipitation and evapotranspiration measured directly on the soil surface. Mass change measured with an accuracy of 100 grams (0.1 mm precipitation) and a resolution of 10 grams (0.01 mm). Leachate measured with an accuracy of 10 grams and a resolution of 1 gram

Option: Pore water samplers in both zones collect soil water leachate samples. Analysis of the leachate information is used to determine the availability of fertilizers and the potential threat of groundwater contamination.

Technische Details – Scope of delivery

  • METER lysimeter cylinder with silicon carbide porous cups rake
  • Precision weighing system
  • pcs. T8 Tensiometers for regulation and supervision
  • Weighable 60 l leachate tank with controlled partial emptying to 40 l
  • 8 pcs. FD-soil moisture probes
  • 6 pcs. MPS-6 matric potential sensors
  • 8 pcs. SIC20 soil water samplers
  • 8 pcs. SF 1000 sampling bottle
  • 1 pc. VS-pro vacuum controller
Surface 1m2
Soil column 1.5m
Outer diameter 1.65m
Total height 1.85m