JR-AquaConSol has been working in the lysimeter sector for several decades. In addition to the measurement of water and solute fluxes at our own lysimeter site, we also focus on further development of lysimeter systems and weighing-data evaluation. In cooperation with the company METER (Munich/Germany) we can provide a wide range of skills, including the technical design and planning of lysimeter systems as well as the assembling and professional installation of the systems at your test site. Through permanent development in recent years we guarantee systems of highest technical quality that represent the state of the art in the field of lysimeters. To represent natural hydraulic conditions on the lysimeter bottom, the lower boundary condition is controlled by tensiometers and suction cups. Aliquot amounts of the seepage-water can be separated into sample bottles for hydrochemical analysis in the laboratory. The vacuum for controlling the lower boundary condition and the aliquot seepage-water sampling are performed by specially developed and almost maintenance-free pump systems. The lysimeter and the leachate tank are weighed using individually temperature-compensated load cells in a 1-minute measurement interval, which enable an evaluation of precipitation and evaporation in high resolution. With our partner company METER we can offer high quality products and system components such as self-filling tensiometers for measuring the matrix potential. A recently developed technology allows our lysimeters to be lifted completely out of the ground with simple technical gear and low personnel requirements. In addition to the technical equipment of lysimeter systems, we also offer solutions for data transmission and storage, weighing data correction and evaluation as well as data visualization.

Based on our own broad field experience as “scientific lysimeter users” for years, we further provide support related to conceptual planning and the scientific setups for lysimeter experiments (e.g., conservative tracer tests, pesticide tests, etc.). As part of the lysimeter installation, we also offer the possibility of soil sampling including the derivation of pF and ku curves (retention and hydraulic conductivity curves), which are required as input parameters for the unsaturated water and mass transport modeling of the lysimeter.


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