Georiscs and Flood Hazards

The „Infrastructure (Geo-risk and Floods)“ comprises those areas, wherein particular attention is on the protection of infrastructure against water and other natural hazards. Priority is given to the assessment of flood protection measures along larger river systems. Increasing significance will become numeric modelling of groundwater flow. Based on a coupled numeric model the effect of extensive flooding on groundwater conditions will be simulated, and in scenario calculations the efficiency of flood protection measures (e.g. dam constructions)  will be optimized

A significant extension of the portfolio in the field of flood prediction and specifically in the field of impact assessment for flood protection facilities on groundwater is expected when applying numeric modelling. This has to be seen in connection with further developments in the frame of the planned competence center on groundwater modelling. Know-how build-up  will be invested for development and coupling of material transport models in groundwater  with sewage system models to predict the impact of  sewage system leakage on groundwater .

Independent areas are the development of models for flood prediction. They will be developed for public administration in terms of an early-warning system, and couple online real-time available hydrologic data with numeric models. Others are GIS-based models to assess the hazard potential for infrastructure by rock-fall and landslide.

For industrial companies necessary investigations according to the industry-emission directive with respect to pollution of soil and groundwater will become important.


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