Power Plants (Environmental compatibility, Monitoring, …)


The business area „Infrastructure (Power Plants)“ was a traditional source of revenue, which drew back in the last years as planning and construction of power plants were reduced. Based on statements of larger energy companies and with respect to results of the conference on climate change in Paris in the year 2015 a significant recovery of planning and construction activities for hydroelectric power plants is expected.

The assessment of  the impacts from hydroelectric power plants on porous aquifers reflects an intense interconnection of different areas of competence of JR-AquaConSol. In particular in this area isotope and hydro-chemical analytics for identification and quantification of surface water – groundwater interaction becomes increasingly important, beside a hydro(geo)logical investigation as basis  of a numeric modelling of groundwater flow. Especially in the field of environmental impact assessment a simplifying but correct presentation of results is of high relevance. Therefore visualization using GIS becomes increasingly important and is an essential basis for evaluation and procedural assistance.


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