The business area „Infrastructure“  will focus on those customers whose activities will have potential influence on water as an protective asset. JR-AquaConSol GmbH develops concepts and solutions to minimize or prevent negative impacts, and offers an assessment of hazardous influences of water and other natural hazards on infrastructure. Experiences so far and currently apparent future developments let expect an increasing requirement of environmental impact expertise together with prognostic modelling and simulation of scenarios based on an in-depth understanding of hydro(geo)logical processes. Following up on this are increased demands upon the management of complex cooperative projects as well as a rising demand on advice and information for companies – an offer JR-AquaConSol GmbH provides additionally for its customers.

Special target groups for this business area are

  • Companies which are responsible for planning, construction and operation of high-ranked networks of traffic infrastructure.  Beside investigations of environmental impacts with respect to water in the  planning phase, also activities are included for preservation of hydrogeological evidence during construction and prevention of negative environmental impacts during operation of infrastructure
  • Customers of energy industry – for these customers the assessment of effects of planning, construction and operation of water and thermal power plants and geothermal usage on water will be in the focus
  • Industries which produce, use and release hazardous substances, and which have to report about an initial state with respect to a possible pollution of soil and groundwater according to the legal emission directive before commissioning a plant. The elaboration of conceptual site models for industrial companies will become increasingly the order of JR-AquaConSol GmbH.
  • Relevant fields of activity result from impact assessment of mines, related working sections, waste deposits and contamination sites as well as impacts from civil engineer works and supply networks of urban water management to quantity, quality and thermal load of surface water and groundwater.
  • Protective measures against floods will be financed usually by the public (federal state and federal provinces).  As a partner or sub-contractor in consortia or work-groups emphasis is given to the assessment of impacts on groundwater by planned measures against floods.  The establishment of flood prediction models and models to assess hazards from rock-falls and landslides in terms of an early-warning system to protect infrastructure is part of our portfolio.