Funded Research and Research Management


Johann Fank
Univ. Doz. Dr. Johann Fank

The middle to long-term development needed in the specific fields of competence of JR-AquaConSol GmbH will be done also within cooperative research projects. Beyond this we intend to participate also in projects of funded research

  • to perpetuate the position in the scientific community
  • to fulfill our customer requirements
  • as basis for national and international cooperation with the possibility to open international market in particular
  • to differentiate from competitors and therefore having better market opportunities
  • as basis to recruit new employees

Furthermore competence was established in the field of research management, specifically in team building and project development based on design of and cooperation in national and international projects.

An area separate from general targets of funded research is the current development of the “Competence Center Groundwater Modelling”, a project in the frame of  a grant agreement with BMVIT (Federal Ministry for Traffic, Infrastructure and Technology). Model development and coupling of models for application  at a regional scale is in the primary focus. Based on this, model application (simulation), visualization and result presentation for decision makers and the interpretation of calculation results are the priority in scientific work. The project aims at the advancement of concepts of transient numeric simulation of water, heat and material cycles at regional scale (for aquifers). This will be achieved by aggregation, homogenization and further development of concepts and methods for modelling of sub-components and of coupled models as basis for model application, appropriate workflow definitions, and  exemplary implementation in theoretical and real tests to verify functionality.


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