Analytics, Hydrogeochemistry

Albrecht Leis
Dipl. Chem. Dr. Albrecht Leis


The focus of the business area “Analytics – Hydrogeochemistry” is on those customer groups, which need for their problem solutions specific know-how in the field of isotope analytics and of tailor-made hydrochemical analytics. “Analytics – Hydrogeochemistry” shows high interaction with other business areas of the company, not only in analytical services but also in the advancement of the competence field of hydrochemical process analysis and modelling.

Main tasks shift increasingly from controlling the actual state (e.g. drinking water analyses to control compliance with statutory limits) to questions, which arise from identification and quantification of  relevant physico-chemical processes in surface water and groundwater.

The main topic  isotope hydrology is the investigation of the water cycle together with related material cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur, as well as characterizing hydro(geo)chemical processes of water-rock interaction. Based on the investigation of the isotopes of  the water molecule and from the chemical composition of substances dissolved in water processes can be identified, which constitute significantly the water quality.

Target groups in the business area of “Analytics – Hydrogeochemistry“ are

  • in the field of national and international public administration (water management planning bodies, water protection departments of federal provinces, Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Departments for Environmental Affairs) in the frame of specific monitoring of environmental problems
  • infrastructure companies for road and tunnel construction for accompanying analytics in programs for preservation of evidence and for specific problems such as sinter (carbonate precipitation) in tunnel drainage systems, and in respective programs during construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants
  • industrial companies; for them hydrochemical process research is a service offer, which has to clarify problems of water-rock-interaction, also for oil industry or for problems of geothermal energy use.
  • R&D institutions and universities, with which specific analytical problems in cooperative projects will be identified and solved.

In the field of environmental analytics we offer the development and provision of tailor-made analytical methods for solution of applied problems in different areas of environmental research. Simultaneously the investigation of origin and mobility of anthropogenic contaminants and trace substances in groundwater and surface water with respect to a sustainable water management becomes increasingly important.

Part of our service portfolio is the development, calibration and application of hydro(geo)chemical models with which the genesis of geo- and biochemical processes in different groundwater can be simulated and with which their effects on the environment can be predicted.  The combination of modern isotope and tracer techniques with core competences in the area of numeric flow, material and heat transport modelling offers an ideal prerequisite to succeed on the international market too.


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