Laboratory Analytics


For defined project requirements the usage of research laboratories or the possibility of proprietary analytics is a necessity for efficient project management and for solving complex issues.

The analytics and interpretation of stable isotopes of the water molecule to characterize and to trace underground flow paths as well as to investigate complex interactions between different components of the water cycle is going to be more and more significant. In an inter-comparison test under IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in 2011 the laboratory of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, now JR-AquaConSol, was the best out of 250 participants for the determination of 18O, a stable isotope.

The existent analytical know-how of JR-AquaConSol comprises a wide portfolio of tailor-made analytical methods to investigate hydrogeological problems, methods for biogeochemical process research and for characterizing water-rock-interactions (e.g. sinter formation, scalings). This know-how can be used for problem solutions of related topics, such as in the field of material sciences (e.g. concrete deterioration) or in medicine (e.g. DLW – Double Labelled Water, OFM – Open Flow Microperfusion).

Moreover JR-AquaConSol GmbH offers also a laboratory for analysis of selected soil physical parameters, which will be used in numeric modeling. The results of such analytics are a basis for parametrization of numeric models for water flow in soil and unsaturated sediments of top layers above aquifers.