Hydro(geo)logical Investigation

hydrologische erkundung

Basis for acquisition and assessment of the usability of water and geothermal resources as well as the effect of anthropogenic influences on water is an extensive hydro(geo)logical investigation of the geological setting and the hydrological network of a study area. Standard procedures of hydro(geo)logy being applied and the extraordinary knowledge of the regional hydro(geo)logical and soil conditions were significantly extended by the experienced staff of JR-AquaConSol GmbH.

The sound knowledge of demands for a high-quality sampling of water with respect to different analytical requirements, and appropriate physico-chemical on-site analytics has to be mentioned as well as the combination of skilled personnel in the laboratory with well-trained technical persons for field work.

In the field of karst hydrogeology we developed, tested and applied new methods in cooperation with hydrologists, geologists and numeric modellers. With this approach results of geological mapping in catchments of karst springs can be documented specifically for hydrological assessment coupled with numeric modeling of groundwater recharge and groundwater runoff.

Moreover JR-AquaConSol GmbH differentiates from others in its competence in applied groundwater hydrology. The delineation of different hydrogeological units to characterize transmissivity (a term to describe the ability of a specific layer to conduct groundwater) and the delineation of aquiferous layers and aquicludes (impervious layers) is important to generate conceptual hydrogeologic models and to convert them to numeric groundwater flow models. Necessary basal informations are derived from drill core documentation, which will be spatially interpreted and documented with respect to the sedimentary stratigraphy using GIS.

For specific requirements of projects, discharge measurements with adequate procedures depending on the water course, as well as the hydrological assessment and interpretation together with online sensor technology combined with appropriate data management, are a challenging task,