GIS Application


The application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is today an indispensable tool to manage spatial data and to visualize project results. Methods reaching far beyond of those of our competitors JR-AquaConSol GmbH are geo-statistics for spatial interpolation of groundwater quality data or of extreme values of groundwater level. The results will be provided in digital or analog form in coordination with customer requirements.

Another field of strength is the development of GIS-models wherein physical models are combined with GIS-methods for spatial calculation and for visualisation. An example is the development of rock-fall and landslide models to assess the risk for constructional infrastructure.

GIS will be used intensively for pre- and post-processing in numeric modeling for providing basic spatial data as well as an essential tool to support the calibration process in complex transient regional numeric models. This will be established by coupling of algorithms for temporal adjustment of model validity to spatial visualization functions of GIS and with specific data management software integrated therein.