Fields of Competence

The service-offers of JR-AquaConSol GmbH comprise

  • flexible tailor-made value chain depending on requirements of our customers and based on competence fields which differ significantly from other competing companies
  • overall solutions for complex aims – strengths of JR-AquaConSol GmbH which result from the continuity of the longtime buildup of know-how (also within cooperative funded research), from an extended research component and from a broad professional competence.

Essential and specific fields of competence extending basic methods of the scientific fundamentals of water resources management, and service-offers of JR-AquaConSol differ significantly from other competing companies. They will be combined depending on project targets and combined for overall solutions.

Based on a detailed analysis of know-how requirements and research demands we would aim at projects of funded application-oriented research whose results will be turned subsequently into services for our customers.

The high-level interaction of our enterprise with customers during acquisition and planning of projects, our know-how in project management as well as the customer support for implementation of project results leads to a build-up of a long-term customer relationship.