JR-AquaConSol GmbH. Johann FankUniv. Doz. Dr. Johann Fank graduated 1985 with a PhD from the University of Graz, Faculty of Philosophy and obtained in 2000 the permission to teach (habilitation) physical geography at the university. His research is focused on flow- and transport processes in soil, and in the unsaturated and saturated zone of groundwater aquifers. Main activity was the management of national and international research projects in applied hydrology and hydrogeology. On 1st September 2012 he took over the management of “RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability“ of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Since 1st July 2016 Dr. Fank acts as CEO at the JR-AquaConSol GmbH.

JR-AquaConSol GmbH. Erwin KubistaDI Erwin Kubista is General Manager (Prokurist) of JOANNEUM RESEARCH since 2007. He has long-term experience in developing spin-offs and their support respectively. He is member of several control boards in company-law share-holdings of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and official representative in the respective General Assemblies. DI Kubista is member in the governing board of „Research Austria“ and president of the BioNanoNet Association. He was vice director of the Institute of Applied System Technology of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. He has extended experience in change management and restructuring processes. Since 1st July 2016 DI Kubista acts as CEO at the JR-AquaConSol GmbH.

Key Account Management

JR-AquaConsol GmbH Albrecht LeisDipl. Chem. Dr. Albrecht Leis is head of the JR-AquaConSol laboratory. Since 1996 he holds a business license for “Chemical Laboratory” of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, and since 2010 he was head of a research group at ,,RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability“ of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Dr. Leis is responsible for operation of the laboratory and acquisition of projects in hydrogeochemical analytics, as well as for R&D of isotope methods, and for combining specific hydrochemical analytics with hydro(geo)chemical modelling.

JR-AquaConsol GmbH Gernot Klammler Mag. Dr. Gernot Klammler
Head of our service Lysimeter Systems
Monitoring and modelling of water and solute transport

JR-AquaConSol GmbH Sebastian BerkaMag. Sebastian Berka is jurist and was since 2012 director economy (commercial director) of “RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability“ of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. He was responsible for securing economic success, for setting up and controlling the budget, as well as for achieving the financial objectives. Furthermore he had personnel responsibility.

JR-AquaConSol GmbH Gunnar DombergerDI Gunnar Domberger is employed as research scientist at JOANNEUM RESEARCH since October 1990. Key aspects of his work are in the field of resource management of deep groundwater, geothermal energy and now also in the business area “infrastructure” with focus on the impacts from high-level traffic infrastructure (e.g. tunnels) on water.

JR-AquaConSol GmbH Till Harum
Till Harum is project manager of national and international water balance and water management studies. He has long-term experience in acquisition, management and inter-disciplinary team work of large-scale projects. He is a well-recognized expert in applied geohydrology and hydrogeology with a specialized know-how in water resources management (business area “Resource Management Water”), in applied hydrogeology and hydrology for planning and construction of power plants in the frame of environmental impact assessments.

JR-AquaConSol GmbH Hans KupfersbergerUniv. Doz. DI Dr. Hans Kupfersberger is responsible for acquisition and management of projects devoted to the protection and usage of porous groundwater aquifers. He has extended contacts with drinking water suppliers, with representatives of public authorities, and with other service providers of civil engineers and universities. He is also engaged in a leading position of research projects or implementation projects in the area of funded research and research management on a national and international level.

JR-AquaConSol GmbH Christian ReszlerDI Dr. Christian Reszler leads projects in the field of catchment hydrology an in the application of hydrological models on managment of flood risks and water resources. In the field of carst hydrogeology he developed new methods in cooperation with hydrologists, geologists and numerical modellers wherein results of geological mapping will be combined with their hydrologic assessment and numeric modelling of groundwater recharge and runoff. For the investigation of the usage of karst springs for drinking water he developed measurement systems for event-based sampling coupled with early warning systems. He overtook the agenda of Dr. Hermann Stadler (†)

Expert/Research Unit

JR-AquaConsol GmbH Johannes C. Draxler
Mag. Johannes C. Draxler
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Alexandra Geisinger-Haslinger Alexandra Geisinger-Haslinger
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Thomas Jobst
Thomas Jobst
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Judith Mach
Judith Mach, Msc
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Sabine Lindbichler Sabine Lindbichler
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Gerhard Rock
Ing. Gerhard Rock
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Maximilian Schaffler
Maximilian Schaffler
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Ernest-Siegfried Stelzl
Ernest-Siegfried Stelzl
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Barbara Zirngast Barbara Zirngast


JR-AquaConsol GmbH Sylvia El-Gueyou
Sylvia El-Gueyou
JR-AquaConsol GmbH Sonja Zöller
Sonja Zöller