Lysimeter Systems

What is a lysimeter?

A lysimeter is a device for measuring the water balance variables evaporation, precipitation and is normally combined with a quantification of the amount of leachate. The measuring principle is based on the determination of the change in weight of the soil as a result of water absorption and release. The soil under investigation is weighed in a closed container under defined conditions, which allows accurate measurement of the water balance in the soil.

Lysimeters have a wide range of applications:

  • Measuring the water and nutrient balance of different soils and different plant covers
  • Investigation of the influence of agricultural management practices (e.g. tillage, fertilizer use, irrigation, etc.)
  • Representative statements on groundwater recharge and nutrient leaching
  • Evaluation of land use changes
  • Measurement of settled dew precipitation (using a high-precision weighing system)
  • Monitoring of climatic phenomena such as drought and floods.
  • In combination with climate chambers, the effects of artificial atmospheric conditions (e.g. climate change scenarios) on lysimeter ecosystems can be mapped and studied

JR Aquaconsol & METER

We offer customized lysimeter solutions, which are tailored to their requirements and needs. The strengths of our system are:

  • tension-controlled lower boundary condition
  • representative leachate sampling for laboratory analysis
  • low-maintenance pumps
  • high-precision weighing system of the lysimeter weight
  • high-precision quantification of the leachate quantity via platform scale
  • high temporal resolution data recording (1 min)

Depending on the application or research question, we offer different lysimeter dimensions

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