Lysimeter Systems


Large Lysimeter

With a surface area of > 1m², large lysimeters offer a sufficiently large and representative measuring environment, especially for agricultural crops. The height of the lysimeters is normally between 1.0 and 3.0m and can be determined based on the question to be clarified, the expected root growth and the prevailing soil properties. The equipment of the system and the component composition can be customized.

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Medium Lysimeter

For questions with less pronounced vegetation, lysimeters with diameters of 0.8m (=0.5m²) or 0.5m (=0.2m²) can be used. The typical lysimeter heights range between 0.5 and 1.0m.

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Small Lysimeter

With a diameter of 30cm (0.07m²) and a height between 30 and 60 cm, small lysimeters are mainly used in grasslands or in meteorology (exact measurement of precipitation at ground level). The main advantages compared to the larger lysimeters are the low price as well as the lower installation effort.

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By combining lysimeters with climate chambers – so-called Ecotrons – different climate scenarios can be simulated through the targeted control of precipitation, temperature, radiation, humidity and wind. To guarantee you the best possible Ecotron system, we work with a German partner company that specializes in the construction of climate chambers.

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