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As a specialist in the quantitative and qualitative protection of the valuable resource water, JR-AquaConSol offers solutions in the field of hydrogeology and hydrology. The range of services offered by JR-AquaConSol is focused on comprehensive solutions in water management, on the exploration and protection of water resources, and on the assessment of the impact of infrastructure measures on water as a protected resource. We are also an international leader in the design, construction and maintenance of lysimeter systems and Ecotrons.



A lysimeter is a device for measuring the water balance variables evaporation, precipitation and is normally combined with a quantification of the amount of leachate.

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Porous Groundwater Systems

The focus in the business field of pore groundwater is to create the necessary basis for the use and protection of groundwater and to make it available to interested parties, authorities and citizens in a suitable form.

Applied Hydrogeology

The aim of the subject area of applied hydrogeology is the exploration of water resources, their dynamics and composition in alpine and extra-alpine areas.

Karst and Catchment Hydrology

The main focus in this business area is the combination of hydrological modeling with a wide variety of methods and data from hydrogeology and geology, such as surveys, mapping, hydrogeological and geological expertises, isotope hydrology, etc.

Hydrochemistry and laboratory analytics

Hydrochemistry is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the chemical composition of water. An essential aspect of hydrogeochemistry is the identification of processes that influence water composition.

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